This weekend was a great weekend for JART Skateboards around the world.

First Angelo Caro and Max Berguin competed at the Urban World Series 2022 Men Finals in Madrid and got 2nd & 3rd Place respectively. We also would like to mention that our hometown skater Sara Larrañaga got 3rd place at the Women’s Finals.

The format consisted of two runs and three best tricks where the best three scores count. Angelo had a great round in the finals, he only missed one trick and dropped his phone in the middle. On the other side Max didn’t fail on his first run.

At the best trick, Angelo landed two great tricks. A 360 flip front board down the biggest rail and a 360 flip fs lipslide the whole rail shove-it out. Max also landed two tricks, a bs crooked grind nollie flip out down the big rail and a bs bigspin fs board down the little rail to secure the 3rd place at the podium.

Meanwhile, in LA, the Damn AM Contest was taking place at The Berrics. Guess who was there? Correct! Gin Woo, who qualified 1st in the semis & got 2nd place in the finals doing his already signature flip in & flip out moves down the big rail like he was at his local skatepark. Our rider Jonas Carlsson also participated in the contest. He got 6th place in the semis and got 10th place in the finals.