Javier Mariscal is one of the best artists in Europe. Known mainly for the creation of the historic mascot of the Olympic Games held in 1992 in Barcelona. But also, for works such as the duplex stool and for having participated in the movie Chico and Rita, and many more.

His union and connection to the city of Barcelona, make his designs to be based on the city, capturing the most significant icons and references of the city, and portraying them on skateboards.

The palmtree as a symbol of the “Barceloneta’s” area; the vivid colours of the Guell Park and the waves of the sea; the map of the city with the most significant iconic places like the Sagrada Familia, Colon Statue & Tibidabo park/area; and finally, the deck that represents Barcelona as one of the cities with more skateboarding activity.

We are super hyped with this new collab with Javier Mariscal, and hope you like the edit we made with Jart’s rider Joan Galceran, filmed by the talented videomaker Gochi, around the classic Barcelona downtown spots.

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