What an amazing weekend we’ve just had in Las Vegas!!!

Gustavo Ribeiro, our PRO Team Rider has won his second Street League Skateboarding contest in Las Vegas, leaving Chris Joslin in 2nd place and Braden Hoban in 3rd.

The goofy-footed did it all. An amazing run (fs nosegrind, back tail, kickflip bs lip, fs feeble down the kink rail, fs 5-0, 360 flip fs 50-50, bs bigspin front board, and a kickflip front board), followed by two great singles tricks (biggerspin flip front board down the scariest rail on the course and a bs crooked grind nollie varial heel out).

Line Score: 8.5

Single Tricks 9.2 & 9.2

Total Score: 26.9

Congratulations Gustavo for an incredible weekend in Las Vegas! Now lets bring the SLS Super Crown home!

You can buy his two PRO models right here: