Hope you didn’t miss the SLS Super Crown Championship. Still freaking out! What a madness!

Our rider Gustavo Ribeiro excelled in the championship held in Jacksonville this past weekend. A super-fought final with high-scoring stunts. On Sunday 8 skaters participated. And only 4 of them opted for a place on the podium.

Ribeiro shined with a biggerspin flip to fs boardslide and 360 kickflip to crooked grind. In the last round, he made two attempts to bs crooked grind down the double kink rail to nollie kickflip out, but eventually he failed.

Gustavo finally got the 3rd place, out of 21 participants, on an epic Super Crown Final. Being in the first place Jagger Eaton with 27.5, in second place the brazilian Lucas Rabelo who scored 27.3 and in fourth position Nyjah Huston.

Congrats to all participants, keep rocking!

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