What an amazing week! The 28th edition of the annual proving ground for amateur skaters TAMPA AM, has been a great opportunity for new talents to show what they are capable of. 

Our youngest and Japanese rider Ginwoo Onodera made it 2nd, being the crowd’s favorite from day one. After a perfect run landing absolutely every trick at the Qualifiers, he passed in 1st position straight to the finals where he fought until the very end. Even if he did not complete an entire line in the finals, he managed to land some bangers with his tiny Jart Classic 7.375” Deck, that took the crowd to their feet. Gin went for an unbeatable but risky run to secure the 1st place, but sadly he didn’t manage to beat Daiki Ikeda. This is just the beginning. Future looks bright for this little legend.  

JART riders Max Berguin and Jonas Carlsson also did some great rounds getting to the semi-finals, but couldn’t make it any further.  

Our special thanks go to Brian Schaefer and Paul Zitzer for making this happen. 

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