Welcome Gabriela Mazetto

Excited to present our new 23 yo Brazilian rider who is killing the streets and social media with her best tricks. Once Gaby discovered the magic of skateboarding, she did not doubt to know what she really wanted. Began at 12 yo, skates 4-5 hours a day and she is regular. At only 17 y/o, she participated for the first time in the X-Games Austin and two years later, in 2017, she did it again at the X-Games Minneapolis. In 2019, she was one of the 3 Brazilians qualified for the World Cup finals in the “Street” modality. Now, her only goal is to participate in the Olympic Games.

Let’s know a bit more about Gabriela Mazetto:

How are you and where are you living right now Gabriela?

  • I’m currently living on the coast and next to São Paulo, in Praia Grande where I was born

What was your last trip?

  • The last trip I did was at the end of 2020 for a championship in São Paulo, where I got the 2nd place

Has the pandemic affected you in terms of your skateboarding?

  • At the beginning it affected me a little bit, but now I don’t see much difference, because I’m skating in all the premises I go

How do you see the Olympics Games?

  • I’ve always wanted to participate in the Olympics Games, and now that skateboarding is one of the modalities, I can see an opportunity to go. I think it will be very good for skateboarding sport in general and to open the minds of people who think that skateboarding is a “marginalized” sport

When did you start skating Gabriela?

  • I started skating in 2010, when I was 13, because a skatepark was built next to my house

What is your favorite set up? Board size, trucks, wheels etc…

  • The board I like to skate with is the Jart 8.0 board, Thunder 139 trucks, Bones 51mm wheels and Bones swiss bearings

How do you see yourself in the future?

  • In the future I see myself skating and living outside of Brazil, in another country, not really mind where

Do you have other hobbies?

  • Yes, I really like playing PS4 (Call of Duty) and surfing. Most of the things I always do with my friends, because we share a lot of hobbies

What is your favorite trick?

  • My favorite trick is Bs Smith

Where would you like to go on tour with JART team?

  • I would like to go anywhere with the JART team (Italy, China, Japan…) so I can meet the riders. I’m sure I’ll enjoy with them anywhere we are

Do you have a favorite rider in JART?

  • I really like to watch Gustavo Ribeiro skating, because he has a good style and very good maneuvers