Meet the Peruvian skateboarder, qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.
What is a normal day of a professional skateboarder like? A camera accompanied our amateur skateboarder Angelo Caro for a full day and we got a closer look at what the main representative of Peruvian skateboarding does.
He gets up early, walks his pets and has a training session with the Federation at the skatepark of the Special Legacy Project in Costa Verde. The modality in which he skates is street skateboarding.

Caro qualified for Tokyo at the beginning of June. He is the last Peruvian National Champion (2020) and has been the first Pan-American Champion (Colombia 2017). His best streak was in 2019 when he conquered Europe, winning three consecutive international events in Czech Republic, Spain and England.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, he has almost not been able to compete in 2020. However, in recent months he has been carrying out an arduous training role with his Federation, which has allowed him to grab competitive rhythm again.
He is currently ranked 16th in the World Ranking, a position that earned her a place in Tokyo.