ADRIEN BULARD - Hollywood 16 mission

It was a sunny Saturday in February 2018 and we had arranged to meet Bryce Pagter (the filmer) to go to Hollywood. The crew with us was Gustavo RibeiroCarlos Zarazua, Jorge Simoes, Joe Ordóñez, Alex Braza and Adrien Bulard. First, we went to the famous stairs, but the crew was not ready for that spot yet, so we decided to go to a nearby school and record some lines.

After warming up skateboarding and filming a bit at the school we returned to the stairs. As always, Adrien still didn’t know what he wanted to try, but he finally settled on back tail shov-it. Last year we had been on tour and he back tailed, but this year he wanted a NBD at the 16 in Hollywood.

After a few minutes looking at the rail, he got down to it and after some crazy slams he got up, something that not everybody would dare to do. With this trick, Adrien contributed to the history of world skateboarding.

Fun Fact: the next day we went to EL TORO and he back tailed the famous rail.